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Thursday, 21 August 2014 08:13
Unicon 17 News
Sorry, missed this medal in last week's update:
Garrett Macey, 3rd place, Muni Cross Country Advanced, 50+ Male
Fri, Aug 22: NO Practice
Fri, Aug 22: Parade at State Fair
lineup: 1:00pm
location:  State Fair
more information: State Fair Wiki
State Fair tickets are provided to all unicyclists and supporting walkers. Priority for the tickets will be to unicyclists and supporting walkers who have been at parades this summer. We still have a few left. Connie has some of the remaining tickets, and Mike Schatz has some of them. We will have any remaining tickets with us at the Fair (if there are any then) if you want to use them after the parade, but if you want to go to the Fair before the parade, please contact us to arrange pick-up of tickets.

Levels Passed
1 - Rylan Buckner
Events to mark on your calendar
Sat, Oct 25: Last parade of year for TCUC -- we're doing the Anoka Halloween parade!
July 25Aug 1, 2015: NAUCC 2015 in Madison, WI uninationals2015.com
late summer, 2016: Unicon 18, San Sebastian, Spain