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Wednesday, 25 June 2014 15:08
NAUCC 2014 is almost here!!!!!
Come see what all the fuss is about. All the events are FREE and OPEN TO SPECTATORS. Check the schedule at naucc2014.com.
We do have lots of open gym time during the week. You may join us for that by registering as a Non-Competitor onsite. The fee is just $35 and covers an entire week of riding during open gym time, workshop attendance, and open trials course time.
And, if you just can't stand and watch, onsite registration is open beginning Saturday, June 28 at 4:30.
An event that is not to be missed is the Unicycle Extravaganza at 7p on July 3 at Jefferson High School in Bloomington. You'll see our Champion Freestyle riders and Showgroup. The show will also feature two special guest acts from Circus Juventas.
Wed, Jun 25: SG Practice at Bloomington - Kennedy Highschool - Gym C
5 - 6   Open practice
6-9 ShowGroup (limited to only SG members)

Thu, Jun 26 Parade in Fridley Section 2-6
lineup: 5:30pm
location: West Moore Lake Drive   MapLink
more information: Fridley Wiki
Fri, Jun 27: Marathon Preview Ride, 3421 St Croix Trl S Afton, MN 55001
Meet at: 10am
A group will meet to preview the NAUCC marathon route starting from 3421 St Croix Trl S Afton, MN 55001. I would recommend this to anyone who is available and plans to do the marathon at NAUCC.
Here is a link to the starting location on a Map
Fri, Jun 27 Parade in Columbia Hts #57
lineup: 5:00pm
location: 45th Ave NE, west of Central Ave   MapLink
more information: Col Hts Wiki

Sat, Jun 28 - Fri, Jul 4: NAUCC 2014

Levels Passed
Events to mark on your calendar
July 30Aug 10, 2014: UNICON XVII - Montreal, Quebec, Canada unicon17.ca/en/