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Wednesday, 15 January 2014 18:02

TCUC Ski Day

It's time for another TCUC ski day at Hyland! Join us for a day of skiing, snowboarding and fun!
When: February 8th;  9am to 10pm
Where: Hyland Ski and Snowboard Area in Bloomington 
Costs: $22 for rentals and $22 for a lift ticket
Who: Everybody who skis or snowboards and anybody who wants to try!
Please note: TCUC does not provide chaperones on ski day. Parents, please use your judgment on whether to drop your kids off, or stay onsite. From past experience, kids who are dropped off are middle-school age or older.
Upcoming Winter Carnival Parades
Clear your schedule for Sat, Jan 25 (lineup at 1pm) and Sat, Feb 1 (lineup late afternoon) to attend the two parades in St Paul to celebrate their WinterCarnival. We have been confirmed to attend both of these parades. Details coming soon.
Mondo registration - due Feb 2
Coming up next month is the annual Mondo Juggling and Unicycling Festival in St Paul. Not sure what it is and if you should attend? 
Did you go to TundraCon and enjoy the gym time and workshops? Then go to Mondo.
Do you enjoy unicycling indoors and have at least one day free (with at least 2 hours open) on the weekend of Feb 28 - Mar 2? Then you should sign up forMondo.
Huge gyms, lots of unicycling. Workshops, games, uni-hockey, juggling and juggling workshops, public show. Confirmed unicycling special guest: Yuka Fujimoto from Japan.
Wed, Jan 15: NO practice
Note: practices on Wednesday begin on Jan 22. We will be running a class too -- the first few weeks we really need extra hands to help teach as it will be a full class. Please consider making an effort to attend on the 22nd and 29th of Jan to help.

Thu, Jan 16: Class & Practice at Elem School Gym in Roberts, WI
5:30-8 Practice  (class members have priority over spaaaaaace and unicycles from 6-7pm)
6-7   Class
Fri, Jan 17: Practice & Hockey at C.King, New Brighton
6 – 8 pm Practice
8 - ?? Hockey

Mon, Jan 20: NO practice/class/SG

Tue, Jan 21: Practice, Trinity Academy gym (Trinity Lutheran Church), Hudson, WI
6:30 - 8:30pm
Trinity Map

Wed, Jan 22: Class & Practice at Pinewood Community School, Eagan
6-9 pm Practice (class members have priority over spaaaaaace and unicycles from 6:30-7:30)
6:30 to 7:30 Class - First class (extra teachers needed)

Levels Passed
1: Ryker Maurer, Brandon Trudell
5: Jacob Smith
Events to mark on your calendar
Sat, Jan 25: St Paul Winter Carnival Grande Day parade
Sat, Feb 1: st Paul Winter Carnival Torchlight parade
Feb 28 - Mar 2: Mondo 2014
Sat, Mar 15: St Patrick's parade in Maple Lake
Sun, Mar 16 or Mon, Mar 17: New Richmond parade (date  not yet confirmed)
Mar 21-23: Moab MUnifest in Moab, UT http://munifest.us/
June 29 - July 4, 2014: NAUCC in MN!
July 30 - Aug 10, 2014: UNICON XVII - Montreal, Quebec, Canada unicon17.ca/en/